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Dr. Jay Wellons was one of the medical staff standing by to treat the victims of the Nashville school shooting, but none of the ambulances he expected ever arrived. Some of our politicians said today there's nothing we can do about gun violence. Dr. Wellons and his colleagues disagree. Plus, the opioid overdose antidote drug Narcan will soon widely available. Do they have it at your child's school? Should parents keep it at home? We'll explain what you need to know. And, pulse of the people: Alisyn asks the panel if they think technology, including AI, is advancing too quickly.

Also tonight: CNN traces the path of Fentanyl from Chinese chemical manufacturers to Mexican cartels, John Fetterman is to return to the Senate after clinical depression treatment, the growing trend of naked dinner parties, and, is it time to end viral college acceptance videos?

Hosted by Alisyn Camerota.

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