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The News Agents


Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall – three of the UK’s top journalists – host a daily news podcast: The News Agents. They’re not just here to tell you what's happening, but why. Expect astute analysis and explanation of the day's news – and a healthy dose of scepticism and the ability to laugh at it all when needed! Episodes are available every weekday afternoon. The News Agents is a Global Player Original podcast and a Persephonica production. The News Agent podcast is brought to you by BT. BT means business - visit to find out how we can help you with your business today.

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A Labour MP has put the cat amongst the pigeons by calling Israel's government 'fascist' in the House of Commons.

She's been hauled in front of Keir Starmer. Watch this space. We'll be talking about the rising tensions and indeed violence in Israel - but we also wanted to take you behind the scenes to some of the briefings we have been hearing about those Dominic Raab bullying allegations and Boris Johnson's stately trip to the USA.

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The News Agents is a Global Player Original and a Persephonica Production.

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