Free State with Joe Brolly and Dion Fanning

Free State with Joe Brolly and Dion Fanning

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Free State is a podcast for the curious that stimulates, provokes, challenges and entertains, while never taking itself too seriously. Free State covers topics from sport to politics, love to loss, the human condition and how to fix the world, with guests from across the planet including Nigerian princes, former Prime Ministers, ex convicts, footballers, boxers and extraordinary people from every walk of life. 

Free State is presented by Joe Brolly and Dion Fanning. Brolly is a barrister, an original thinker with a fascinating backstory, who donated a kidney to a stranger and then led a crusade to transform organ donation on the island of Ireland, and Fanning is an award-winning interviewer and author. 

They are not motivational gurus or life coaches. They will never try to sell you a penis scented candle. They are two people from very different worlds, with one core belief uniting them - this is not a high performance podcast.

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People were denied the truth in the north during the troubles and that denial of truth extended to sport.

The coverage of the GAA reflected the nature of Northern Ireland at the time.

On Free State, Dion and Joe look at how the north is changing and why sport is too.

The resistance to Casement Park’s redevelopment is the death rattle for the old ways when the GAA found itself billed below the Pigeon News and topless darts. Those days are gone and as Jarlath Burns takes over the GAA presidency, Joe and Dion look forward to a vibrant confident Northern Ireland where no one has anything to fear

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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